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Avian Flu

Buckerfield's is aware of the fact that there are confirmed cases of the Avian Flu in BC, we are encouraging all backyard chicken owners to isolate chickens from the wild birds.  We stock a wide variety of poultry wire, poultry and bird netting to help you separate your poultry flocks from wild bird populations.

Avian Flu manifests itself in the form of outbreaks of sick poultry birds and it can be very destructive because entire flocks may have to be culled in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Avian Flu rarely presents itself as a risk to people but it can cause illness in humans. Wearing face masks when handling poultry and washing hands and face immediately afterwards are highly effective methods for preventing the spread of Avian Flu and Salmonella.


For more information about Avian Flu, see Avian Influenza.

Avian Influenza Informational Sessions

The B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Food will be holding three informational sessions Oct 12th-14th, 2022 for small flock owners on Saltspring Island and in the Cowichan and Comox Valleys.

Sessions will be led by B.C. Government Veterinary specialists



  • PREVENT CONTACT with wild birds and other animals
  • FREQUENTLY CLEAN poultry coops, waterers, feeders, your clothing and your boots
  • LIMIT EXPOSURE to visitors
Free Range Chicken Farm
  • SEPARATE BIRDS Keep birds, their water and food away from wild birds
  • SPOT THE SIGNS of Avian Influenza and report early to a veterinarian of the CFIA
Click the button below for more information from Inspection Canada on how to protect your birds 


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CFIA Animal Biosecurity information

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