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Since 1919, Buckerfield's retail stores have provided our valued customers a variety of quality equine feeds, supplements and stable supplies. We are proud to carry equine feeds that are manufactured in Canada.

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Harmony Feeds Queen Margaret's School Equestrian

We have been feeding our herd of 38 competition and school horses the Harmony feeds for 2 months now, and are quite pleased with the results. Our grain amounts have gone down substantially resulting in a cost savings. We are no longer stocking a multitude of different supplements to add to the feed, everything the horses require is in there, also resulting in a cost savings. When you are looking at feeding a herd this size, and with the rising costs of hay we are all experiencing, saving money and time at the feed store is definitely a motivator. Our horses are looking healthy with wonderful shiny coats, weight and energy levels are excellent. The transition was very easy! With a herd ranging in age from 5 to 28 years theses horses have different nutritional requirements, but this feed covers what they need easily! And even better, this is a Canadian product. Thank you Buckerfield’s for introducing us to this new feed!

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Stathcona Pine Shavings

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Rubbermaid Stock Tanks

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