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Livestock Feed & Supplies

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since 1919

At the inception of the Buckerfield's brand over a century ago, our founder, Ernest Buckerfield, started noticing that farmers were feeding their livestock whatever was available, and he said that “they could get better financial returns though scientific feeding”.

Buckerfield's Livestock Feeds

Buckerfield's Grains

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*Product availability may vary based on store location

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Featured Livestock Feed

* Prices may vary between locations based on local market conditions

Step-8 High Fat Horse

20 kg Bag


Natural Harvest Layer Pellets

16% premium all vegetable line designed for healthy & efficient flocks GMO free


Harmony Senior Pellet

Moderate to high energy pellet created through a blend of digestible starch, fat and fermentable fiber


18% Free Range Poultry

20 kg bag 

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Three Horses

Featured Livestock Supplies

* Prices may vary between locations based on local market conditions
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Assorted colors


Stathcona Pine Shavings

Made in Canada


Rubbermaid Stock Tanks

50 gal - 300 gallons


Plastic Buckets

8 qt

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Since 1999 PURICA has offered top quality Equine supplements for performance and overall health.  Recovery remains the flagship product - it comes in Regular Strength and Extra Strength in with 1kg or 5kg tubs.  


For over 15 years Buckerfields has proudly carried PURICA products for horses (and pets!).  All of our locations carry a great selection of their product lineup.  


When it comes to joint health and physical performance you can rely on the PURICA to uses only the finest ingredients and bring your horses, pets (and you!) the results you're looking for. 

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