Buckerfield's - Your Local Destination for Wild Bird Enthusiasts

Are you captivated by the world of wild birds? Look no further than Buckerfield's, where we share your passion for these magnificent creatures. With nine convenient locations across British Columbia, we're your local hub for everything related to wild birds, offering a diverse range of premium products and unparalleled expertise.

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Why Buckerfield's stands out for your Wild Bird needs

As a long-standing, family-owned establishment with a century-old legacy, Buckerfield's takes pride in curating a comprehensive selection of top-tier wild bird products and accessories. From meticulously blended birdseed to sturdy feeders and nesting boxes, we provide all the essentials for creating a welcoming sanctuary for a variety of bird species right in your backyard.

Our dedicated team of knowledgeable and approachable staff members is committed to assisting you in choosing the ideal products for your avian visitors. Whether you're a seasoned birdwatcher or a novice enthusiast, we're here to offer tailored advice and insights to elevate your birdwatching experience to new heights.

Discover the Buckerfield's Difference

At Buckerfield's, we go beyond the traditional pet store model by actively engaging with and supporting our local community. We champion conservation efforts and participate in local birdwatching events, highlighting our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Additionally, we prioritize eco-friendly sourcing practices and collaborate with local suppliers to minimize our ecological footprint.

With our nine strategically located stores spanning British Columbia, accessing Buckerfield's exceptional offerings has never been easier. Whether you prefer the personalized touch of in-store shopping or the convenience of our user-friendly online platform, we strive to ensure that our products and expertise are readily accessible to you, wherever you may be.

Join Us in Creating a Bird-Friendly British Columbia

Become part of our vibrant community of avid wild bird enthusiasts at Buckerfield's, and let's unite in our mission to transform British Columbia into a haven for our feathered friends. Whether you visit one of our nine stores or explore our extensive online inventory, embark on your birdwatching journey with Buckerfield's as your trusted local partner. Together, let's celebrate the splendour of nature unfolding right in our own backyards.

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