How to Water Your Tropical Plants?

How to Water Your Tropical Plants?

Tropical plants have their specific wishes when it comes to moisture and watering. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between warm temperature and the right humidity. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the key aspects of tropical and water. There are some different guidelines that you may come across on plant labels, which may cause some confusion, that’s why we’ll take you through the different steps and aspects of watering tropicals.

The Different Types of Moisture for Plants

Some plants benefit from dry soil, while others may need more moisture. There are roughly 3 states of soil moisture that you will come across:

  • Dry soil: it’s easy to recognize dry soil, by the colour and the texture.
  • Moist soil: moist soil usually has a darker colour, and when you touch it, you feel that it’s somewhat moist.
  • Wet soil: this is the look of soil that has just been watered.

How Much Water Does a Tropical Plant Need?

Every tropical plant is different. Some tropical plants need very humid environments, whereas others don’t have this specific need. For some plants, it’s beneficial to get a shower, others only need their leaves sprayed every now and then. Other plants prefer to keep their leaves dry while watering. These are aspects that are specific to the different types of tropicals because they are naturally used to certain states of drought or humidity. Information about these needs is indicated on the plant labels.

How to Know if a Tropical Plant Needs Water?

Besides the indication on the plant labels, there are several other factors that impact the plant’s water needs:

  • When the plant is close to a heater or an air conditioner, it will need more frequent watering.
  • Plants that were just moved to a new environment need time to acclimate to the new conditions. During this period, they will need more water.
  • The container influences the moisture of the plant. The plastic keeps moisture much longer than a wood or clay container.
  • The light the plant receives in a day also impacts the watering needs.

Using a Moisture Metre for Tropical Plants

To avoid guessing and overwatering your plants, a moisture metre can be a great instrument. By placing the sensor of the moisture metre into the soil, you have more information about the moisture than when you only touch the surface. A moisture metre will indicate the score of moisture in a range between 1 and 4. If you match this to the plants’ specific needs, you know if the conditions are right. The moisture meter can be a great tool to know when to water your plants and how much water is needed each time. This brings a greater understanding of soil moisture conditions.

Shopping list

Here’s a recommended shopping list:

  • Moisture metre (1 per plant)
  • Watering can
  • All Purpose Plant Food

More Tips on Watering Tropical Plants?

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